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Advent Aerospace Displaying Patented Anti-Skid Braking System Ahead of Anticipated Approvals

October 21, 2014

Orlando, FL, October 21, 201 — Advent Aerospace's Aircraft Systems division is displaying its patented anti-skid braking system (ABS) at this year's NBAA conference (booth 1895.) The system, developed for lighter turbine aircraft, including the King Air B200 and B300, the Pilatus PC-12, Cessna Conquest II and several military trainers, has already received an STC for retrofit on the Eclipse EA500 and is standard equipment on the EA550.

Advent Aerospace's current ABS was developed for aircraft with un-boosted brakes not originally equipped with anti-skid brakes or new aircraft in development. The Advent ABS is reliable, lightweight, easy to install and affordable. The system has demonstrated excellent braking performance and requires no change to existing braking system components. The non-invasive system requires minimal downtime, either as a stand-alone installation or during scheduled maintenance. Adding this safety feature can also add significant resale value to an aircraft.

"We are very pleased by the level of interest and enthusiasm for our ABS," said Ron Roberts, VP/GM of the Aircraft Systems Division and the developer of the system. "In addition to the excellent experience we have had with Eclipse Aerospace, we have been very pleased with the collaboration we have enjoyed with the Beechcraft organization on the King Air and with Finnoff Aviation on the PC-12. And interest has not been limited to business-type aircraft. We have systems in development for several other aircraft types, including military trainers and a brake by wire system for aircraft with power brakes. This variety speaks to the effectiveness, versatility and simplicity of the Advent ABS design."

The Advent ABS adds a new level of safety, runway performance and dispatch reliability to aircraft operators by providing better directional control, reduced tire damage and shortened stopping distances on dry runways or those contaminated with water, ice and snow. The Advent system will eliminate flat-spotted and blown tires during aggressive stopping. Advent's ABS has all of the usual operating features of more complex aircraft ABS installations, including touchdown protection and a programmable low-speed cut-off (typically 15 knots.)

On September 1, Frank Nelson was promoted to vice president and general manager of Jormac Aerospace, succeeding and reporting to Steve Jourdenais. Nelson was vice president-program management at Jormac for the previous six years. Colt Mehler, vice president-project engineering, will succeed Nelson as vice president-program management.

About Advent Aerospace, Inc.

Advent Aerospace, Inc. provides engineered products and services to aircraft OEMs, major subcontractors, modification centers and aircraft owners and operators in the corporate, commercial, and government aviation markets. Through divisions located in Florida, Texas and Oklahoma, the company designs, engineers, analyzes, manufactures, tests, certifies and supports proprietary components and systems for aircraft, including specialized interior products for Boeing and Airbus VIP aircraft and anti-skid braking systems for light turbine aircraft. For more information, visit

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