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Advent Aircraft Systems’ eABS Receives STC for King Air 300/300LW Variants

December 18, 2017

Advent Aircraft Systems continues to increase the aircraft count certified to accept its groundbreaking anti-skid braking technology. The FAA has granted an STC for the Advent eABStm for all King Air 300 and 300LW aircraft. These aircraft variants join the King Air B300 and B200 variants that were STC'd in February 2016 and June 2017 respectively. The STC applies to Beechcraft King Air 300/300LW series aircraft equipped with Rockwell Collins Pro Line GPS 4000S or Garmin G1000/430W/530W avionics.

Beechcraft built 230 model 300/300LW variants. The 300LW, with its lower take-off gross weight, was purpose-built to comply with European regulations.

"We've heard from King Air owners outside the B200/B300 series. We know the demand is there, and we want those aircraft to have this system," said Advent president, Ron Roberts. "Creating a wide base of aircraft which can use Advent's technology has been part of the plan from the outset, and this STC is just one more step in that process. As already received for the B200/B300, we expect EASA, TCCA and other certifications for the 300/300LW to follow shortly."

"Advent eABS sales to date have included installations on the B200, B300 and B300C, including heavy weight, high flotation gear and CAT Soft Touch tire variants," said Tom Grunbeck, Advent vice-president of marketing and sales. "The 300/300LW certification adds to this expanding legacy."

The Advent eABS may be ordered through all Textron Aviation company-owned service centers as well as selected independent authorized King Air service facilities. In anticipation of the STC and winter weather, Advent has produced a limited number of eABS units that are available for immediate shipment to service centers. Tom Grunbeck added "We are well positioned to support the initial demand for this exciting product and look forward to assisting with customer inquiries and orders".

To date, 120 aircraft owners have installed eABS since initial certification in 2013. In addition to the King Air, the eABS is certified in the US, Canada and EASA on the Pilatus PC-12, Eclipse EA500/550 and Textron T-6 Texan II , with other platforms in work. All eABS components are approved for on-condition maintenance, with a minor inspection at 1500 hours, and are listed in the MMEL for the King Airs and PC-12. System installed weight is 29 pounds (King Air) or 27 pounds (PC-12) and is easy to install.

For further information or to order, operators may contact Tom Grunbeck, VP-Marketing and Sales, (203) 233-4262, or their preferred Advent authorized dealer.

About Advent Aircraft Systems

Advent Aircraft Systems designs, analyzes, manufactures, tests, certifies and supports proprietary components and systems for air vehicles. The company has special expertise in braking systems and components with capabilities in hydraulic, pneumatic, electromechanical, environmental control, aircraft sensor, water and oxygen components and systems.

*Advent eABS is a trademark of Advent Aircraft Systems, Inc.

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