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New Anti-Skid Braking System Launched for Pilatus PC-12

August 30, 2016

August 30, 2016, Tulsa, OK – Advent Aircraft Systems, during meetings with the FAA on August 2nd, launched certification on the Pilatus PC-12 of its proven, advanced-technology, light-weight anti-skid braking system (Advent eABS). Once certification is complete, the PC-12 would be added as an additional model to Advent’s existing STC for the system on the Eclipse EA500/550 and the King Air B300/300C series aircraft.

Advent eABS benefits for the PC-12 operator include: improved braking in all runway conditions without the risk of flat spotted or blown tires, reducing risk to the aircraft and flight schedules; an alternative to the use of reverse thrust to reduce prop erosion and the risk of FOD ingestion; and the ability to confidently apply the brakes immediately after touchdown or in situations where hard braking is desired, such as a rejected takeoff.

As part of the PC-12 launch, Advent authorized dealers are offering a discount that could be as much as $5000 on the labor used to install the system. All Advent eABS dealers are also Pilatus authorized service centers. The offer is open to the first ten operators in the US that commit to purchasing eABS for their PC-12 during the incentive program, with delivery subject to certification. Advent anticipates certification by the end of the year. The incentive program runs through the 3rd of November, the last day of the 2016 NBAA convention.

Tom Grunbeck, Advent VP of Marketing and Sales, (203.233.4262), said "This is the first anti-skid braking system ever offered for the PC-12 and we believe the demand for it will be significant. The incentive program is meant to reward early buyers for their confidence in our product and for helping Advent build backlog during certification. We have eABS kits ready to go and look forward to supporting our dealers and their customers with inquiries and orders".

Suggested list price for the PC-12 eABS is $50,604 plus installation labor. Before the incentive discount, installation labor pricing can vary from an estimated $8000 - $10,000, depending on whether or not the installation occurs during other maintenance or inspections. The incentive program reduces the price of installation labor by 50%, saving the PC-12 owner an estimated $4000 - $5000.

All models of the PC-12 are eligible for eABS installation, provided the aircraft is equipped with a WAAS enabled GPS, such as the Honeywell Apex, Garmin or IS&S WAAS GPS products. The eABS is light weight (27 pounds installed), comes with all required installation hardware included, downtime is minimal and requires no changes to the existing PC-12 brake system. Installation of the eABS in conjunction with ADS-B or a WAAS/LPV GPS is an especially efficient and cost-effective way to accomplish both upgrades.

Interested US operators should contact their preferred Pilatus authorized service center as soon as possible to arrange for their purchase and discount. For operators outside the United States, please contact Tom Grunbeck at +1 203.233.4262 or email him at

About Advent Aircraft Systems

Advent Aircraft Systems, Inc. designs, analyzes, manufactures, tests, certifies and supports proprietary components and systems for air vehicles. The company capabilities include hydraulic, pneumatic, electromechanical, environmental control, aircraft sensor, water and oxygen components and systems.

Advent eABS is a trademark of Advent Aircraft Systems, Inc.

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