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Advent Aircraft Systems’ eABS Granted EASA Certification; Goes Worldwide with Orders from Australia, Canada and Norway

June 12, 2017

Tulsa, OK... Advent Aircraft Systems has taken their patented eABS™ anti-skid braking system worldwide, confirming orders from Australia, Canada and Norway. The orders come on the heels of EASA certification for the eABS on PC-12/PC-12NG and King Air B300 aircraft. Advent has launched Transport Canada and Australia CAA certification processes for the same aircraft, with the King Air B200 to be added to the approvals once FAA certification for that model is achieved, currently planned for July.

The company's first European order was received from Sundt Air AS, Gardemoen, Norway for a King Air 250. In Australia, Pilatus dealer Premiair Aviation Maintenance has ordered an initial three PC-12 eABS kits, with Australia CAA acceptance of the FAA STC pending completion of the first PC-12 installation. Finally, in Canada, Pilatus dealer and King Air service center Lavaero Aviation has placed an initial order for a PC-12 eABS kit, subject to Transport Canada acceptance of the FAA STC.

"Owners and operators understand the benefits of anti-skid braking, from both a safety perspective and to the bottom line," said Advent VP marketing and sales, Tom Grunbeck. "With eABS, there is a viable, effective and simple anti-skid system for a variety of aircraft that didn’t have the option previously, and the world is taking notice."

Meanwhile, the company is scheduled to begin FAA certification for the King Air B200 series on June 5, with installation of the eABS on a King Air 250 at Pro Star Aviation, Londonderry, NH. Due to its similarity to the already-approved STC for the King Air B300, the STC for the B200 is anticipated shortly after installation and testing is completed in late June at Pro Star.

The Advent eABS is a proven, lightweight, low-cost, easily-installed anti-skid braking system designed especially for turbine powered aircraft up to 20,000 lb. MTOW. The system was initially certified on the Eclipse EA500/550 in December 2013, with over 118 ship sets delivered to date for Eclipse, King Air and PC-12 aircraft. The Advent eABS offers shorter, safer landings through improved directional control on contaminated runways and reduced risk of blown or flat-spotted tires. Improved tire wear and less risk of a damaged tire saves the operator money and the time and expense of unplanned downtime.

About Advent Aircraft Systems

Advent Aircraft Systems designs, analyzes, manufactures, tests, certifies and supports proprietary components and systems for air vehicles. The company has special expertise in braking systems and components with capabilities in hydraulic, pneumatic, electromechanical, environmental control, aircraft sensor, water and oxygen components and systems.

*Advent eABS is a trademark of Advent Aircraft Systems, Inc.

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