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Advent Aircraft Systems Earns STC for eABS Anti-Skid Braking System for Beechcraft King Air 200-series

July 10, 2017

Tulsa, OK... Advent Aircraft Systems has been granted an FAA STC approving its eABS™ anti-skid braking system Beechcraft King Air B200 series aircraft. The STC issuedJune 30, follows a similar certification for King Air B300 series aircraft, granted in 2016. The first customer airplane, a King Air 250 which was also the certification aircraft, was completed by Pro Star Aviation of Londonderry, New Hampshire over a two week period in June, and delivered to the customer July 1, 2017. The company’s first European order, from Sundt Air, Gardermoen, Norway, also for a King Air 250, is scheduled for installation in August, pending the addition of the B200 to Advent’s previously announced EASA STC for the King Air B300 and Pilatus PC-12.

"The eABS for the B200 series is very similar to that of the B300 series aircraft," said Advent president Ron Roberts. "As such, a straightforward and efficient FAA certification process was achieved. We expect other agency certifications for the B200 to follow in the coming months."

The Advent eABS breakthrough technology results in a reliable, lightweight, easily-installed, low-cost anti-skid braking system that is FAA and EASA certified, with over 118 Eclipse, King Air, T-6 and PC-12 aircraft modified to date. Thousands of these aircraft, as well as aircraft under development, can now benefit from the improved safety, stopping power and directional control of anti-skid braking, on both contaminated and dry runways. The eABS reduces the risk of flat-spotting or blowing tires in all runway conditions, and allows aggressive braking as a valuable alternative to the use of reverse thrust, reducing the risk of engine FOD ingestion and prop erosion. With eABS, the operator can experience increased operational utility, lower maintenance costs and avoid the disruption and expense of unplanned downtime.

About Advent Aircraft Systems

Advent Aircraft Systems designs, analyzes, manufactures, tests, certifies and supports proprietary components and systems for air vehicles. The company has special expertise in braking systems and components with capabilities in hydraulic, pneumatic, electromechanical, environmental control, aircraft sensor, water and oxygen components and systems.

*Advent eABS is a trademark of Advent Aircraft Systems, Inc.

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